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Aarhus Soup

"If someone I knew had a project they were interested in, it would be a good platform for them to connect with others"


"Its a good platform if you are looking to grow an idea and gain exposure"


“You make Aarhus a bit more alive. And connect internationals to it”


“Great environment for getting ideas flowing. Like minded people. Good vibes.”


“It helped me to organise my project in a deeper way. Also to learn and try selling my idea to others clearly.”


“Nice atmosphere and interesting to discover new projects in the city.”

Mark Anthony

“It’s a good platform if you are looking to grow an idea and for exposure”


“Gives a vibe of an enterprising city with good starting opportunities for small entrepreneurs”


“Aarhus Soup together with other alternative events and venues bring diversity and enrich the cultural life of Aarhus.”


"Aarhus Soup is a great environment for getting ideas flowing with like-minded people and good vibes."